September 24, 2015
Lies & Dangers

The slugs are a mutant slime creature that grew out of the primordial ooze of pollution. Slugs genetic make up is so foreign that close contact quickly leads to the development of large pustules and deathly infection. Lack of a cure lead to a large number of amputations and a high demand for prosthetic enhancement. The people who lost limbs due to the disease are often referred to using the derogatory term “Slug” although it has taken on a colloquial meaning that is simply hurtful.

Slugs will eat nearly anything they come in contact with and were largely responsible for the detorioration of the city before Kastle Industries developed a solution - a nano-injection that can isolate and exterminate slug bacteria. Off-brand cures have been developed by other corporations, but they pose great risk and can have drastic side-effects.

Study of the slug genes led to a number of scientific breakthroughs because of their unusual genetic makeup. Entire departments of Kastle industries are devoted to that study - creating products for every day consumer use as well as military weaponry.

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