Rebel Factions

September 24, 2015
Politics & Factions

The Slave Rebellion is made up of 4 main factions: The People, The Orphans, The Noboides, and The Watchers.

The People are located at the main headquarters of the resistance and are the largest of the four. Their base is located in the Flux State of Jordan, half way between the Police State and Black Market territory. Their members take responsibility for planning ops and relaying information between the other factions. All intel must be reported to The People.

The Orphans are located in the Police State of Jordan. They take in those who have lost their families to disease, over work, and kidnappings, providing them with a sense of purpose and the means to defend citizens from abuse in the Police State.

The Nobodies are located in No-Man's Land, a destitute terrain between Kastle City and Jordan. They run interference between Kastle Industries and the police state, searching for intel on the kidnappings and disguising themselves as bandits.

The Watchers are located on the edge of an abandoned mine surrounding Kastle City. They inhabit an abandoned Kastle Industries laboratory, using the technology to research and develop a means of infiltrating and overthrowing the hierarchy. 

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